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Chuck Rolando has a long history in  music. It probably all began with The Beatles or growing up in N.Y. Seeing Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Led Zeppelin live or attending a Simon & Garfunkel concert only to find the opening act was The Doors. Strange Days!

  As a teenager Chuck began to write his own songs. The ' three J's ' Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and Jackson Browne were key influences. 

Chuck became a singing waiter in California, a busker in Canada, and a successful pop artist all over Europe (The Passengers) in the 80's.

He ran the multi-national music publishing company Sony/ATV Italy, for over 15 years.

In 2010 he came full circle to dedicate himself once again to making music.


"Being an independent songwriter gives me the freedom to create and produce music instinctively without any inhibitions or stylistic boundaries. "

  "....of course Chuckie's a good performer, he's from Long Island" - Billy Joel

Songwriting Approach

I hope these songs resonate with you. Ideally, as a singer-songwriter I need to see and feel your reaction to my music - but  if I can't play live for you then this is the next best thing.

So shoot me an email at:


The following songs were all recorded at home . I play all the guitars ( Maton acoustic, Martin D28, 
Gibson Les Paul ,Line 6 Acoustic Variax and more...) I do all the vocals and come up with the arrangements.
"Save Me From Myself " and  "Overwhelming" feature LUNA.
"A Night To Remember" was co-produced by Ricky DT in his studio in the hills.
"My Family" was entered (as is) in the ISC Songwriting Competition in 2011 and won the bronze in the Children's Category out of thousands of entries!   

Chuck Rolando 


Killing Time .mp3


'In Your Hands'.mp3

Long Lost Friend ELC.mp3

A Night To Remember mp3.mp3

Save Me From Myself.mp3

My Family2 .mp3